How to get to Fraser Island

You can get to Fraser Island by ferry or by plane.

Once on the island, the only way to get around, it being entirely comprised of sand, is by four wheel drive vehicle. If you don’t have your own 4WD, you can rent one, or go on a tour.


I’d recommend the latter option if you don’t have experience driving a 4WD – driving in sand can be tricky if you’re not experienced, although the freedom of having your own vehicle will grant you a lot more flexibility for your stay, and would be my preferred option.

If you take a vehicle, be sure to get a permit, and stock up with food, water and drinks before-hand, as prices are much higher on the island than on the mainland.

What to do on Fraser Island

For a pile of sand off the Australian coast, Fraser actually has a lot to offer the visitor.


Once you’ve gotten over the novelty of all the roads (and runways!) being a beach, you’ll want to do at least the following:

Camp on the beach

There are a variety of accommodation options on Fraser Island, from luxury resorts to holiday rentals, but my favourite option is the “back-country” camping option. Pack a tent, find an approved camping location on the dunes off the main beach (permit required!) and enjoy the wilderness.

One thing to be aware of, both when camping and generally on Fraser Island, is that there is a population of wild dingoes on the island. It’s illegal to feed them, and they can be aggressive, so be sure to lock all your food away when done with it, and take your trash with you.

Swim in the freshwater lakes

Fraser Island is home, rather unexpectedly, to over 100 freshwater lakes, which have some of the cleanest lake water in the world. The most popular of the lakes is Lake McKenzie, which is what is known as a “perched” lake – meaning it sits above the water table. Around half of the world’s total perched lakes are on Fraser Island.


Geography aside, the lakes are remarkably clear and surrounded by mind-blowingly gorgeous white sand, making for epic swimming conditions.

Visit the shipwreck

In 1935 an old steamship was being towed for scrap, when a storm forced it ashore. It’s been sitting and quietly rusting away to itself ever since then, and makes for dramatic photography opportunities. It’s about half way up the beach, and while you are visiting, you should take the time to visit:

Eli Creek

Another freshwater swimming opportunity on Fraser Island just near the Maheno Shipwreck, Eli Creek flows out into the sea. The water is quite cold, but it’s fun to take the boardwalk to the top of the creek and then float down on a hot day.

Indian Heads

Last on my list of things to do on Fraser Island, although by no means last of the things to do on Fraser, is to visit Indian Heads. This is a rock outcrop at the northern end of the main beach, which you can climb up for excellent views, both of the island, as well as the marine life in the water below. Not to be missed!



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