Pack Transit Snacks

Indulging in an extravagant meal at a great restaurant is a travel tradition worth embracing. But consuming a thousand calories of ho-hum fare while you’re stuck at the airport? That’s a health blunder most folks would rather avoid. To help ensure your spare calories are only spent on noteworthy meals, stock your suitcase with healthy, protein-rich snacks that will let you skip the train station vending machine or airport food court.

Make Fitness a Group Thing

Whether you’re on a wine weekend with one friend or at a huge family reunion in the city, don’t assume you have to sweat solo. Make a list of fitness activities at your destination and extend the invite to your travel companions. (In addition to travel sites, your rental manager may have great suggestions for what to do in the area beyond meals and museums.) You might find your aunt is game for surfing or that your best friend has an affinity for hiking you didn’t know about.


Find a Gym Before You Travel

Ask the rental manager if there’s a gym that’s available for use or to point you in the direction of the nearest fitness centre that offers day passes. Doing this homework in advance of your trip makes it just a little harder to hide behind an excuse when you arrive. And, if you learn there’s really no nearby gym, you’ll know to stock your suitcase with a workout DVD or resistance band.

Schedule Your Workouts

Before you reach your destination, decide when you’re going to work out each day and let the people you’re traveling with know your plans. This will help you avoid scheduling conflicts while others are planning activities and group meals—and make it more likely that you can stick to your schedule.

Cook When You Can

Restaurant meals are almost always more calorie- and fat-packed than home cooking. 

So, opt for accommodations that include a kitchen and decide as a group which meals you’ll dine out and which you’ll cook. Breakfast is usually an easy meal to forgo in a restaurant and prepare in your room instead.

Move Like a Local

Sure, a taxi or car rental might be the quickest way to cram in as many sites as possible. But sometimes the best way to explore a destination is to slow down and walk. You might wind up discovering a shop or café that you wouldn’t have otherwise and—bonus!—you’ll get your heart rate up in a way that sitting in a car never could. If you’re on holiday in the country, consider renting or borrowing a bicycle for at least part of your journey.