At this point you remember the difficulties of holidays when you have pets. Not only will you feel guilty about leaving them cooped up at a kennel or cattery, but you’ll also have the huge cost associated with their care as well. Further, pets tend to remember these slights, and as one Canberra cat-owner discovered, they can get vindictive too. Each time she began packing for a trip, her cat would pee in all of her shoes!

The good news is, you can bring your furry friends with you, and save all the money you would have spent on pet care. Australia has literally thousands of holiday homes, cottages and holiday apartments in every spectacular place in the country, where your pets are welcome too. Further, these places are often a similar cost, or even cheaper, than traditional hotels, but boast plenty of space and amenities you’d never find in generic holiday accommodation.

But it isn’t just the tourist areas where you can bring your four-legged friends. Whether you’re staying in Sydney or the central highlands of Tasmania, wherever you go, you can find comfortable, affordable and roomy accommodation for your whole family to enjoy. With such a wide range of places available, you may even find yourself bringing your pet along on business trips.

Check out these tips for selecting the right holiday home for you and your pet:

1. Head to  Here you’ll find Australia’s greatest selection of pet-friendly accommodation.

2. Once you’re there, use the search bar to select the state, region and city/town you’d like to visit. For example, type in ‘Byron Bay’, then click ‘Find Accommodation’. Then move over to ‘Byron Bay by Accommodation Type’ box, and where it says, “Pet-Friendly”, click the button!

3. Voila!! There are 130+ fabulous pet-friendly Byron Bay accommodation listings.

4. The next step is to decide whether the place is a good fit. For example, do they only allow dogs but not cats? Are the pets allowed inside, or are they only allowed in the yard? Does the place provide bedding for your pet? What about little 'extras' like bowls and treats? Is it possible to leave your pet behind for a few hours when you go on an excursion? These questions can often be answered by reading the listing.

5. Next, check out the guest comments. Here is where you can often get an insight into the special touches provided by the owner of the accommodation, and learn whether the place is genuinely pet-friendly.

Once you’ve chosen the right place for you and your pet, it’s time to start considering anything special you’ll need to do to prepare yourself and your pet for the trip. These can include:

1. Ensuring your pet has an ID tag with a number where you can be reached while you’re away. This may mean getting a new tag done with your mobile phone number on it.

2. Bring along some printed photos of your pets, just in case the unthinkable happens and they get lost.

3. Be sure to pack some comfort items from home for your pet, whether they are cuddly toys or special blankets. This will ensure that they have something to soothe them if they’re feeling anxious and homesick, especially if you leave them alone for any length of time at the holiday destination.

4. Plan plenty of rest stops on the way to your destination, so that your pet can get some fresh air, move around a bit, and of course – have some necessary toilet stops.

5. If you can fit it, bring along your pet’s bed. Although some holiday homes provide bedding for pets, your dog or cat will appreciate snuggling into their own.

6. Your pet will also be happy to see their favourite food and treats being packed, as well as a few toys for in the car or to chase during a rest stop. And don’t forget plenty of water for the drive.

Finally – if in doubt, remember to ask. If an accommodation listing doesn’t specifically say that your pet is welcome to sleep inside, call or email to find out. It may have been an oversight, or it may be that they welcome pets, but not on their carpet and furniture. And that may suit you and your pooch or moggy just fine, but it’s always nice to know these things well in advance.