The question then arises – what do you do with your pets while on holiday? Few pooches would appreciate the fine art of a museum in Melbourne, or be welcome into an antique shop in Launceston. Even dogs with the best noses for fine wines would discover they are unwelcome at the vineyards of the Barossa Valley. So how do you make the holiday enjoyable for both of you? 

Pet Cafés 

Several countries throughout Europe happily accept dogs into their restaurants, but in Australia, canine pals are usually expected to stay at home. However, many innovative Aussie pet-lovers have opened up special “Pet Cafés” around Australia. At these places, your pooch is treated like royalty. For example, next time you’re in Sydney, be sure to head to Café Bones in Leichhardt. This delightful spot has a full menu of munchies and lattes for two-legged clientele, and yummy doggy treats, like the “Pupaccino”, for their mates.


Australia has phenomenal beaches, and many allow dogs. Pet-friendly accommodation owners often have animals themselves, so be sure to ask them where their favourite spots are located.


Eating, swimming, and playing are favourite pastimes for most pooches, so a real treat for your pet is to go on picnics wherever you holiday. Instead of limiting yourself to restaurants, where they are usually not welcome, consider packing a gourmet picnic for yourself, and some special doggie delights for your friend. Find out from locals or tourism offices which local parks welcome dogs, and head out for some fun.

Every city has them, for example, in Canberra there are 39 different off-leash parks you can visit. In most cases, it can be as simple as looking up the town’s website for listings, or even just Googling the name of the city along with “off-leash parks”.

Water sports 

Dogs love water and would be thrilled to go on a yacht, canoe, or even a paddleboat. Check with rental or tour companies before you bring your canine friend along though, to be sure they are welcome.

Doggie SCUBA? Heading to the Great Barrier Reef? Some of the best SCUBA diving in the world awaits you! Although some nutters on the internet have tried diving with their dogs, we don’t recommend it. However, many of the awesome places you can stay in northern Queensland have dog-friendly accommodation options that allow you to dive while your dog takes a relaxing snooze.

Pooch poses

Remember to have lots of photos taken of you and your pal enjoying the holiday together. Scenic backdrops and special times add to the joy of photos many years later. You may even decide to develop a scrapbook for your dog. Include photos of their happiest moments on the trip, some mementos from the adventures and maybe even add some of their paw prints for good luck. If you have children, these photos will become extra special as they grow up with their pets and look back at their times together.