How to write a revew 

1. Search for the holiday rental you visited.
2. Click ‘Write a Review’ under the description on the property page. 
3. Enter the email address you used to book your stay. (If it’s your first review you will need to nominate a username.)
4. Rate your stay (one to five stars) and tell us more about your experience (optional)

It’s that simple! Your review will be posted on the holiday rental listing once it has been moderated and approved by the Stayz team. It may also appear in Stayz promotional material.

★ Become a Stayz ambassador

Your review will help inspire more than 1 million Stayz guests as they plan their next great holiday. Not only do you get to share your experiences with our community of travellers, you also get to relive your trip. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to reward the owner of a great holiday rental with a steady flow of new bookings, inspired by your recommendation? The owner may even respond to your review with a thank you message.

 Share the Love

Why stop at one review? You can write a review each and every time you visit a Stayz holiday rental. Each review will appear in your profile under your username. This is a great navigation tool for Stayz browsers who have similar tastes in accommodation; they simply hover over your username to access your profile and view all the reviews you have written. If you are a large family who loves beach holidays, imagine how useful it would be reading reviews by like-minded guests with similar needs and interests.

👍 Make your review count

It would be a shame to go to the trouble of writing a review only to have it rejected by our moderators because of coarse language or inappropriate material. We want our guests to have at their fingertips feedback that is fair, informative and relevant. Here are some simple tips and guidelines to help you write the best possible review:

  • Please write in English.
  • Keep it clean and above board – no references to unlawful or explicit activities, and refrain from using swear words, inappropriate language or implications of profanity (e.g. @#$%).
  • Keep your review specific to the property you stayed at.
  • Avoid comments that are controversial, confrontational, discriminatory, derogatory or overly personal.
  • Keep it relevant. Tell us about the qualities of your holiday rental, not about the poor service at the restaurant down the road.
  • Please don’t use your review as a springboard for spam advertising. Our users are interested in what you think, not being directed to another business/property.
  • Make sure your review adheres to the Stayz terms and conditions

Now that you know what we’re looking for, here are some examples of reviews – the good, the bad and the ugly…