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  • Sydney Festival 2015

    Sydney Festival 2015 is set to impress locals and travellers alike with its unique offerings.

  • Sydney Mardi Gras 2015

    The Mardi Gras celebrates diversity and acceptance, alongside the promotion of LGBTQI rights. Through this festival, the visibility of lesbian, gay, queer, intersex, transgender and bisexual people is highlighted and presented to a global audience.

  • Tough Mudder 2015

    Tough Mudder is one of the most notoriously challenging and strenuous races around the world, consisting of 16-20 kilometres of obstacles that test participants' stamina, strength, teamwork and mental toughness.

  • Tropfest 2015

    Tropfest Australia is the biggest short film festival in the world, taking place around December each year. It is one of the most unique ways for budding filmmakers to launch themselves onto a global stage, allowing talented groups and individuals to showc…

  • Yabun Festival 2015

    Held on Australia Day, the event annually draws crowds of between 10,000 and 15,000. The music event celebrates local indigenous talent, bringing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island talent from all over Australia to the main stage. Here's your guide to the…

  • Adelaide Festival

    Every summer, the global art community turns its focus to Adelaide, as the city hosts a three-week cultural extravaganza in March. Dance, opera, classical music, theater, literature, film, and visual arts all share centre stage at the Adelaide Festival, wh…

  • Clipsal 500

    The Clipsal 500 Adelaide attracts the largest domestic racing crowds in the country and includes a packed off-track schedule of concerts, air displays, and attractions.