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  • The Otways National Park

    Bordered by two of Victoria's greatest natural attractions - the stunning Great Ocean Road and the world-famous limestone stacks of Port Campbell's Twelve Apostles, the new park encompasses over 100 kilometres of coastline, and stretches far inland over th…

  • The Mornington Peninsula National Park

    The southern extremity of Port Phillip Bay is a narrow, curving finger of land that divides the big bay from the sometimes fierce waters of Bass Strait, and points to “The Rip,” the confined bay entrance where tides running against each other can be so tre…

  • A Guide to Melbourne

    Melbourne has for many years enjoyed a reputation as the cultural and sporting capital of Australia. It is also famous for its many beautiful gardens, incredible array of shops and the mix of Victorian and contemporary architecture.

  • Top 10 Australian Luxury Holidays

    There are many Australian holiday destinations which combine magnificent landscapes, vibrant city life and gorgeous rental accommodation options. So why not treat yourself with a trip to one of Australia's top 10 luxury destinations.

  • The Great Alpine Road

    Stretching 308 kilometres, from Bairnsdale in Gippsland to Wangaratta in north east Victoria, the Great Alpine Road is Australia's highest altitude bitumen road with year-round accessibility and takes visitors to a peak of 1,825 metres.

  • Aussie Beaches for Everyone

    With thousands of kilometres of coastline, it’s not surprising that Australia is home to many of the world’s finest beaches. Sparkling white sand, beaches made entirely of tiny shells, roaring waves, and jagged rocks – there are so many different features …

  • Amazing Albany

    As you explore the areas outside Albany, the landscape offers the diversity of some of the most incredibly rugged and awe-inspiring coastal scenery in the country as well as vineyards, sand dunes, pastured landscape, forests, rolling hills and the towering…