Exmouth, Western Australia

Exmouth is a stunning part of Western Australia and acts as the gatekeeper to the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage area. Visit here during April to see whale sharks feeding on the zooplankton that thrive in the water, which is particularly warm at this time of year. These massive sharks can be up to 18​ metres in length and the Ningaloo Reef is one of their favourite places to visit in groups.

While you're in Exmouth, visit the Jurabi Turtle Centre,an unmanned outdoor interpretive venue. Here you can learn about turtle biology and threats to their survival, along with conservation tips and nesting advice.

There are excellent fishing opportunities in Exmouth, with Exmouth Gulf, Ningaloo Reef and coastal areas providing excellent spots to cast a line. Whether you're a beach, reed, sport, game or fly fisher, you'll enjoy the conditions here.

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Temperatures on the Great Barrier Reef are still warm in April, with maximums of 29 degrees Celsius and minimums of 21.5. While this natural wonder is stunning at any season, the Great Barrier Reef is particularly impressive during the clear, warm days and cool, rainy nights of April. The water tends to be calm at this time of year, making for excellent opportunities to travel by boat, and the month is near the end of the area's stinger season. Travelling here at this time of year will also see you avoiding the peak season of the Great Barrier Reef, and there are a huge number of different tour providers to help you maximise your trip.

Knuckle and Hardy Reefs are great locations for aquatic adventures, so be sure to pack your snorkel and flippers to explore the region's underwater paradise.

Baross​a Valley, South Australia

The Barossa Valley is a haven for foodies and wine lovers alike. April enhances the region's Mediterranean-style climate and wine production is at its best during this time of year, with temperatures still warm enough for you to get out and about.

Don't miss the Barossa Vintage Festival, which is a bi-annual event to highlight the Barossa's best wine and cheese, along with providing live music, carnivals and other cultural events. Held over a five-day period in mid-April, the festival is Australia's original wine tourism event and features everything from gypsy parties through to upscale long table lunches. There are 95 events taking place across the course of the festival, which is located just an hour's drive away from Adelaide.


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