Kids’ best friend
“Are we there yet?” Kids and long journeys are never great companions, and there are only so many rounds of I spy you can play. But with portable wi-fi the kids can fix their little eyes on something guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours. Movies, games and TV shows are on demand. They can even get a head start on some homework, skype Grandma or check out fun stuff to do at your destination. And if there’s a wet-weather day, relax as the kids will have plenty to keep them amused, and you can catch up on an episode of Game of Thrones.
Personal concierge
Who has time to book every holiday activity in advance and plan their itinerary down to the minutest detail? With convenient internet you can research your destination, find top sights and attractions, book tours and restaurants and read up-to-the-minute reviews on places of interest. Enjoy the spontaneity of planning your days on a whim and the weather – rather than being locked into a rigid itinerary. 
Lose the paper trail
Remember the days when going on holidays meant photocopying your passport and travel documents, printing out piles of booking confirmations and writing down emergency phone numbers of your neighbours and next of kin – just in case. With wi-fi on the go all of your most important documents are with you when and wherever you need them. Access your dropbox, email, or the cloud from your bedroom – or the beach.
Keep in touch
The world doesn’t stop turning just because you’re on holidays. Friends and family back home will want to be in contact and make sure you are travelling safe. When you’re on leave, let’s face it, you’re off the clock and living by your own rules. Don’t be burdened by having to lock in a time to skype or find a café where you can piggyback on their wi-fi. With your own personal internet you can skype, check your emails and message on your terms. Now that’s what holidays are all about.
Bragging rights
You’re having the most fabulous holiday, the location is to die for, the weather is divine and you think you just had the most incredible chilli crab you’ve ever eaten. Why not tell the world about it? What’s social media for if not to indulge in a little bragging? Check in at your new favourite restaurant on Facebook, update your status poolside, and post the most glorious pics of your travels on Instagram.
Less work, more play
Yes, you’re on holidays but there’s that new account back in the office that is nearing a crucial milestone. You don’t want your holiday soured by missing an all-important email or not being abreast of any urgent updates while you are away. It’s a drag having to keep your finger on the pulse while you are on leave, but at least with email on the go you can enjoy your holiday knowing you aren’t missing anything, and that you won’t have to sacrifice a fun family outing to track down public wi-fi.
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